Modeling tools guide you, step by step, to create your 3D models with ease. All your 3D modeling needs come together to form a powerful tool for visualizing your mine layout.


Create As-Built 3D Models with Imported Survey Data

Plan out your drifts, ramps, raises, stope designs and drilling/blasting patterns then analyze patterns using the heat analysis tool to guarantee optimal rock breakage.


Triangulate and manipulate 3D surfaces using face rotations, line or point additions and color coding according to elevations.

3D Bench

Build top and bottom surfaces then create benches according to specifications and gain accurate volume and tonnage calculations.

3D Modeling

Model stopes, geological models, faults and other 3D objects from polylines.


Calculate volumes and manipulate 3D models using commands such as union, intersection and subtraction as well as convert meshes to solids and vice versa.

3D Raise

Create a model of various raise types with survey data, then compute the volume and tonnages.

3D Drift

Create as-built plans of all drifts swiftly with dated color coding according to surveyed data.

Rooms & Pillars

Create an orebody and map out pillars, then calculate the volume and tonnage. Mine out horizontal orebodies with ease.

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