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We hope you enjoyed the Course!

Thanks for attending our course. Feel free to navigate our products below or request a live demonstration by clicking the top right button. Our sales team would be more than happy to show you our software and how it can make your life easier.


A project management tool to organize your drawings for your team. Conenct to a local server, OneDrive or Google Drive and add unlimited users to your account for managing drawing-level permissions. Create professional printing layouts with ease and cut sections with just a few clicks. An invaluable addition to your CAD toolkit that will save you time by keeping your drawings updated.


Progeox’s modeling tools guide you, step by step, to create your 3D models with ease. All your 3D modeling needs come together to form a powerful tool for visualizing your geology layout. Discover these modules to help you improve your exploration projects.


Create block models and implicit models of a lithology and analyze your data using geostatistics. Progeox allows users to maintain updated geological information drawings through its compatibility with Access and SQL.

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