Development of Sustainability in Mining Companies in 2022

January 21, 2022
Thomas Eismann

Thomas Eismann

My name is Thomas Eismann. I was born and raised in Perú, then moved to France for a decade and back to Perú. I have a background in electrical engineering that i studied in France and USA. After studying and back in Perú I progressed in logistics. Now I am moving to mining software with Promine, facing my new challenge. I enjoy craftsmanship, outdoors activities, travelling and a nice chat.

What is sustainable development in mining industry? 

Sustainability means the exploration, design, construction, operation and closure of mines in a manner that respects and responds to the social, environmental and economic needs of present generations and anticipates those of future generations in the communities and countries where they work. (“Sustainable development in the mining industry: clarifying the corporate perspective”, 2001) 

 For 2022 the mining industry, as every year, is looking solutions to improve sustainability. Improve the economy and lesser the environmental impact. Solutions are many and various, depending on each mine, solutions previously applied and new technologies at reach. 

As an example of the will of the mining industry to improve, lines below an extract of a research paper about this subject: 

The mining industry has provided energy and raw material guarantees for global economic development and social progress. Especially in recent years, with the increasing improvement of infrastructure facilities and people’s living standards, the demand for mineral resources/energy has gradually increased. However, with the increasing depth of mining, safety and sustainability are becoming ever bigger challenges for the mining industry. Detecting the mineral exploration environment, […] developing intelligent mining equipment, and ensuring the optimization of the human–machine–environment in all mining process have become necessary and important conditions for promoting the mining works both of safety and sustainability. This research topic aims to provide a platform for new research and recent advances in […] sustainability of mining. We welcome submissions by experts and scholars on the topics of […]sustainable mining, mineral resource management, technology of intelligent mining, research and development of intelligent mining equipment, geomechanics and geophysics, green filling, mining methods, and sustainable mining. The areas to be covered in this research topic may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Sustainable mining 
  • Sustainable development 
  • Intelligent mining 
  • […] 
  • Mineral resources management 
  • Green exploration in mines 
  • New methods of intelligent mining 

(“Mining Safety and Sustainability”, 2021) 

As for to see what the solutions will exactly be, further during the year we will know. 




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