Mining Engineering Technology in 2021

November 29, 2021
Thomas Eismann

Thomas Eismann

My name is Thomas Eismann. I was born and raised in Perú, then moved to France for a decade and back to Perú. I have a background in electrical engineering that i studied in France and USA. After studying and back in Perú I progressed in logistics. Now I am moving to mining software with Promine, facing my new challenge. I enjoy craftsmanship, outdoors activities, travelling and a nice chat.

In this blog we will make a brief summary of what the mining engineering had to overcome this rather peculiar year of 2021. 

We could talk extensively about new technologies developed, how it has evolved to have more ecological methods, how everything is connected and how it changes mining, the efficiency increases through the years that never stops improving, how processes have changed to once more make mining safer than ever, and now I think I made my point: there is plenty to be told, explain and analyze. But for the purpose of this blog, we will talk about something not expected. Even though the topic has nothing new let me explain why in mining it is new. Mines are usually isolated and that same factor is what has to mainly be overcome. The isolation complicates logistics, makes few people that want and can do the job and when you are by your own deep down the ground in the middle of nowhere everything changes. The less you care about and what you think has the lesser impact is the world around, after all you are completely isolated! 

Now that one part of the mining world has been explained I think that you will understand why for mining Covid can be something new. It is not intended to mean that it is worst for mining, the idea is more that even though the isolation is part of their daily life it wasn’t enough. The main solution was basically already applied. Remember? Don’t go out of your house? Work at a mine and you will experience quarantine every time you go in for a mission. 

This year, the biggest overcome was how to make work again mines that were stopped for a year, moreover to overcome more isolation. Make more, be less but more isolated than you ever thought you could. 

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