Project Management in the Mining Industry

September 2, 2021
Paulina Gallego

Paulina Gallego

I am a Mining and Metallurgy Engineer from the National University of Colombia. I work at Promine as a Technical Support Specialist, supporting our clients, performing training, webinars, and more. As a woman belonging to the mining industry, I am an advocate of the role we represent, as well as how highly qualified we are to be part of the mining sector alongside the male gender. In my free time, I thoroughly enjoy reading science fiction books, as well as watching movies or series of the same genre. I believe strongly in sustainable mining development, that is why my greatest desire is to be part of its development generating change, in order to show the world that responsible mining is possible.

The mining project management plays a fundamental role in the achievement of the strategic objectives that are defined at the moment of initiating a mining project. In this process, professionals with a holistic vision are able to apply key knowledge, techniques, and tools that allow large projects to be successfully carried out in the feasibility, planning, execution, and start-up phases (“Effective Mining Project Management Systems”, 2006). 

Nowadays, one of the greatest challenges the mining industry faces is the mitigation of environmental impacts during the execution of mining projects. This is where well-planned and executed project management allows optimal progress to be achieved with a targeted approach that can ensure that the damage caused is minimized. During planning, the importance of using mining software tools to achieve these objectives has been recognized, as through strategic planning, in which careful economic and financial analysis is implemented and both technical and economic aspects are evaluated, it will be possible to achieve accurate results, increasing productivity and controlling costs effectively. In addition, it is important to highlight that well-executed planning has been found to be the key to keeping environmental impacts to a minimum without compromising project profitability.. (“Necesidad de gestión de proyectos en proyectos mineros”, 2016). 

Thus, it must be recognized that integrated project management must consider not only economic aspects but also other essential aspects that include administration, planning, cost estimation and control, variation management, mitigation of environmental impacts, among others, to analyze and predict the main critical factors that affect the performance and results of project management in the mining industry. 



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