Mining in Colombia and its Importance

August 5, 2021
Kevin Leal

Kevin Leal

I am a Technical Sales & Support Specialist at Promine. I graduated as an Exploration Geoscientist from the Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero, with a solid background in resource estimation and modeling software. My experience extends from the upstream oil and gas industry to retail sales.

We define mining as a productive activity, that identifies and produces economical mineral deposits, to supply the daily demand of different materials (construction materials, clays, coal, copper, gold, silver, among others). 

Now we can try and understand the importance that represents mining for Colombia when it is done in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. 

At the beginning of the year, Diego Mesa, Mines and Energy minister of Colombia, declared that mining is essential for the country, given that mining is involved in all of society activities. 

2020 was a tough year for the Colombian mining industry. The main reasons being the huge drop in demand for thermal coal, the impact in prices, the longest strike in the country’s history in the El Cerrejon mine, and of course, the pandemic. 

The search for alternatives to help the country enrich its mining diversification is imperative, considering that in the past it has been limited significatively to one product, thermal coal, which can be found in abundance in Colombia. 

So far, new opportunities have been identified in metallic minerals, essential for the energy transition that the country is going through. 

From a metallurgic point of view, Colombia is privileged by its geological setting. It is composed by two large geotectonic settings: Cinturon Andino and Escudo Amazonico, both favorable for the occurrence of mineral deposits with developable economical potential. Within these geotectonic settings, we can find geological environments containing a wide variety of mineral deposits. 

According to the minister, there is a strong unexploited mining potential in Colombia. Only approximately 3% of the country’s 104 million hectares has been explored.  

Mining is considered a key factor for the reactivation and growth of the national economy. 

Promine is the ideal mining software to help mining companies to develop and exploit the mining potential that Colombia has. For planning vital mining and geology tasks, Promine addresses one of the most critical issues in mining and geology: the lack of complete integration from exploration to production. Our users are guaranteed a smooth transition between all phases of the exploration process including resource evaluation, planning, scheduling operations and mine closure. 



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