Type of mineral deposits in Mexico

May 17, 2021
Paulina Gallego

Paulina Gallego

I am a Mining and Metallurgy Engineer from the National University of Colombia. I work at Promine as a Technical Support Specialist, supporting our clients, performing training, webinars, and more. As a woman belonging to the mining industry, I am an advocate of the role we represent, as well as how highly qualified we are to be part of the mining sector alongside the male gender. In my free time, I thoroughly enjoy reading science fiction books, as well as watching movies or series of the same genre. I believe strongly in sustainable mining development, that is why my greatest desire is to be part of its development generating change, in order to show the world that responsible mining is possible.

Over the years, Latin America has become the most important destination for mining investments. This growth is due to the geological richness that leads to the existence of a great diversity of mineral deposits throughout the continent. One of the most important countries in the mining sector along with this territory, due to its large number of high-quality deposits and mineralogical abundance, is Mexico. This positions it not only as one of the most important countries in the mining sector along with Latin America but all over the world, occupying the 4th position as the largest recipient of foreign direct investments for mining (ITA, 2020). 

The minerals present in the Mexican territory, are very diverse and you can find minerals such as silver, gold, copper, zinc, lead, iron, coal, bismuth, molybdenum, manganese, among the most important (Fidecomiso de Fomento Minero, 2018). In fact, Mexico is the global leader in silver production, occupying the first position on the ranking with 6,300 metric tons produced in 2019. Moreover, is in ninth place in the global gold production and is a top global producer of other minerals as well. (Bnamericas, 2020) 

Furthermore, according to the Mexican Geological Service (SME, n.d) Mexico has at least 33 world-class deposits, among which we can find :  

  • Hydrothermal type deposit such as the Fresnillo deposit. The richest silver-bearing vein deposit in the world. 
  • The Cananea porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit, which is a disseminated type structure with argillitic, sericitic, and propylitic alterations. 
  • Las Cuevas, an epithermal deposit with replacement, which is considered the biggest fluorite deposit around the world. It has a propylitic and argillitic alterations, represented in tabular bodies and chimneys of large dimensions 

Uncertainty, Mexico has a great potential to lead even more the production sector in the mining industry. In this way, it is inevitable not to take into account that to achieve a great scope in existing and future projects, it is essential to go hand in hand with the latest technological advances. This will not only allow an increase in productivity, but the use of tools such as an adequate simulation software, for example, will guarantee an excellent development of the tasks, optimizing time, and increasing the profitability of the mining business. 


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