Robin Montufar

Robin Montufar

Implicit modelling is a new method being used to create geological models at a much faster rate than traditional methods. Generally speaking, implicit modeling generates the geometry of its components through 3D-interpolation of the data obtained from geological mapping or data from drill cores. The traditional method of geological modeling (explicit modeling) consists of the extrusion of solids that had been created from the geological interpretation of sections.

With implicit modeling, the geologist has more time to think about the geology being observed and can think about alternative theories to better improve the geological model, which in turn can help to reduce risk and lower mining cost.

One of the key characteristics of implicit modeling is its ability to update in a dynamic form the geological models with the latest data, a clear advantage when time is limited, and critical decisions must be made based on the most recent exploration data.

Additionally, implicit modeling tools, be it in Promine or other modeling software out there, allows users the ability to explore a 3D model in depth, rotate it, look at its details, and see different perspectives to facilitate the mine planning process. Geologists can then take informed decisions and decide whether or not more data is needed to be taken at specific locations.

Implicit modeling tools are beneficial to every stage of project development, from early exploration to active mining and operation support. This technology can be argued to be the fastest growing technology in the field of geological modeling and its popularity is due to the relative ease and speed in which wireframe models can be developed and subsequently updated. The methodology of Implicit modeling is quickly becoming more accepted in the industry and also becoming an essential tool for most exploration and mining projects out there.


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