ALX Resources invest in the future of uranium exploration in Canada.

March 2, 2021
Robin Montufar

Robin Montufar

Robin Montufar, with a bachelor’s degree in geological sciences from the University of Manitoba. He’s been a member of our team since 2019 and has 14 years of experience in mineral exploration and production.

On February 10, 2021 ALX Resources corp. announced that it has requested permits for an exploration program to drill at its 100% owned Gibbon Creek uranium project in Saskatchewan, Canada.  

The Gibbon Creek property is located along the northern margin of the Athabasca Basin, which unconformably overlies basement rocks of the Tantato Domain within the Canadian Shield in northern Saskatchewan (unknown, 2021).  

This investment being made by ALS Resources is yet one more project by a junior mining company that continues to make northern Saskatchewan one of the very few regions in the world where uranium exploration is still active and even expanding despite low uranium prices.  

Traditionally, uranium has had a bad reputation due to its association with nuclear weapons, but in reality, uranium offers us one of the cleanest ways of energy production with minimal impact on the land, both during mining and during consumption.  Nuclear power offers clear benefits. In generating electricity, a nuclear power plant releases zero greenhouse gases, unlike fossil fuels, including natural gas and coal. Uranium exploration and extraction takes place with little impact to the environment thanks to modern mining practices and a nuclear plant might take up only a couple of square kms of land, as opposed to thousands of square kms of flooded land taken by hydroelectric projects. In today’s environmentally conscious world where we are constantly trying to find cleaner energies and to shift away from oil and gas, the importance of finding new uranium deposits has never been more crucial.   

Finding and developing a uranium mine takes perseverance and hundreds of millions of dollars. If using uranium to generate electrical power is a viable long-term answer to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, the financial risks are worth taking. While we wait for news of the next Canadian uranium mine to reach production, hundreds of junior exploration companies like ALX Resources are betting in the future of this resource and the continuous prosperity that this brings to Canada’s economy. 


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