For a numerous amount of years Quebec has always been an invaluable source of minerals. and it seems that Azimut is helping to discover new areas of high potential in Quebec and Labrador.

Even though COVID has been a very important constraint worldwide that has halted many operations and drilling programs, Azimut kept it up with their fieldwork throughout 2020 and 2021 at its Elmer property project.  So far, their discovery regarding the mineralization found in the Elmer Property does not come to a surprise knowing about their strong expertise in digital processing, data management and geological modeling, and of course well accompanied of a great partnership.

Their expertise is not restricted to gold deposits. They have focused on discovering new mineral provinces but also in the predictive modelling of rare earths and uranium in Canadian regions. Clearly, a bright future is ahead of them, and as for the Elmer Property it seems that they hit the right geological spot.



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