On the 17th of November, Transition Metals Corp reported their findings of their grab sampling around Fannon Lake and Flag Lake in northern Saskatchewan. The highlights of these historic bedrock copper and zinc occurrences are up to 0.47% Cu and 0.93 % Zn in different showings in the area. These are the initial findings, that encourage further exploration in the area. Transition Metals Corps has already started the next step in their exploration program. 

Favorable numbers have also been found just 60 km north in the Janice Lake Project (Rio Tinto). Together, this could mean some great potential for the region, if the extended exploration continues to be this promising.  

It is always exciting to see new exploration projects in Canada. Specifically, if these projects find new deposits of minerals that have not yet been extracted in the given area, like this copper domain in Saskatchewan. This could mean a new type of mining being added to the province’s resources and income. 

If copper can be extracted from these sites, this would mean a diversification for the copper production in Canada where British Columbia now has over 50% of the share. As Saskatchewan is already known for its potash and uranium production, it seems like there would be no difficulty in finding skilled labor for these new potential mine sites. As always, with these first findings in exploration, we are now waiting and hoping that they can be confirmed during further investigation and no further plans can be made until these confirmations are in.

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