3D Surface Geological Mapping 

In this tip of the month, we will see how to build a 3D geological map using points. This will allow you to analyse spatial data and make quick interpretations. Set and customize the shape, colour, and density of the contours to showcase structure contours for elevation or display spatial patterns for assay data.

To do so: 

  1. From the Promine Options module in the Essentials Category, go to Grades and add color interval of grades or elevations. 
  2. From the Geological Mapping module in the Progeox Category, select the Draw Contours (GMPC) command: 
  3. Select the points from a layer, by picking from a selection or by selecting a limit zone using a polyline. 
  4. Input the contour properties by selecting a point value; a grade or an elevation. The program will automatically suggest the minimum, maximum and spacing values. Select a color scheme using a property configured in the Promine Options. Then, select the target layer. 
  5. Toggle the “Annotate contours” options to add contours for the selected point value. The program will suggest the annotation values. Then, select the target layer. 
  6. Toggle the “Color intervals” option to insert 3D colored intervals for the selected point value. Select a color scheme and add a legend scale. Then, select the target layer. 
  7. Select a contour generation method. Industry-standard choices of interpolation methods are available, namely triangulation, the radial basis function, and inverse distance weighting. 
  8. Click OK to insert the geological map. 

    – Mohamed Zaki