Modeling Orebodies through Faces

In this tip of the month, we will see how insert a face map in an underground opening to easily compute the area and tonnage of a face. To do so: 


  1. Have the 3D Drift inserted in the drawing 
  2. Select the command “Create Face” (FMPS) and draw a section on plan view 
  3. Input a section name and configure the parameters 
  4. The program will automatically switch to plan view 
  5. After analyzing the actual face, draw polylines representing the boundaries between lithologies 
  6. Assign lithologies and grades to each part of the face using the command “Insert Rock Types” (FMPH) 
  7. Generate a report using the command “Report” (FMPR). Note that you can insert a second report of a selective part of the face map by drawing a closed polyline covering that area. If the latter option is used, check the option “Select report area”. 
  8. When multiple face maps are inserted, you can create a 3D model of a lithology by connecting the polyline contours using the command “Construct 3D Model” (3DMD)